The harsh Australian sun damages roofs and fades them.  


Professional roofers are licensed tradespeople that possess the right qualifications and years of experience. 


One of the advantages of roof spraying is the fact that a heat-reflective roof coating can assist in reducing heat entering the house through the roof and ceiling, resulting in lower energy costs, increased human comfort levels and reduced environment impact.


Roof spraying coatings have a remarkable ability to stop solar heat transfer. Applied to the external surface of a structure in fluid form they dry to a solid protective finish.


Cool Roof coatings can stop up to 90% of infra red and 85% of ultra violet light from entering a structure, by reflecting it back into the atmosphere.


Benefits of roof spraying are:

  • air and moisture infiltration, makes your home more comfortable,
  • saves on energy costs, a
  • dds strength to the building structure,
  • It is permanent and will not sag, keeps dust and pollen out, reduces capacity requirements.
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